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Hey everyone,

The earlier version I made was a quick hack of a turn.js example, but I wasn't happy with how it wasn't reliably readable on mobile, so I rewrote the whole thing myself using three.js and GSAP. My first JavaScript project, and hopefully my last!

Page turns are now 3D and fancy. I chose for a rigid page turn rather than a curly magazine turn because small format zines aren't usually printed on glossy and flexible magazine paper (and also maybe it was much easier, but don't tell anyone). It now controls easy with keyboard or mouse/taps, and works with how fullscreens mobile HTML projects, so the accessibility part is covered. Instructions are otherwise exactly the same. Drop the Electric Zine Maker files into the pages folder, zip it up, and fiddle with a few settings on your project page.

Hope it works as expected for everyone, and that you can feel free making and posting your zines!

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Aug 15, 2019

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