Big 2020 Update

As soon as alienmelon announced that new zine templates were coming to Electric Zine Maker I knew I'd to update the reader as well. So with a little effort I rewrote almost the entire thing to not only integrate the new accordion zine template, but to make it easy for me to add any new potential templates in the future as well. All you have to do to pick the right template is change a single value in the js file.

Another benefit of the rewrite is that you can now do this:

This was entirely unintentional, but it's fun and playful in a way that I think aligns entirely with EZM, so I'm leaving it in. Playing around with it too much might break the zine, but hey, that's true for a printed paper zine too. At least this one you can refresh to fix.

So that's the essence of this update. There's some small changes here and there with how the pages animate and such that nobody will ever notice, but either way I'm happy because it gave me a chance to learn a bit more about how to make something hardcoded a bit more dynamic. 

Also, as I said above, whenever EZM gets updated with new templates, updating the reader to be compatible should be trivial for me.

Let's hope that's actually the case.

Enjoy, and happy zining!

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Aug 01, 2020

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