Big Update and the Magic of Open Source

So here's how the story goes: I'm finally working on an (unrelated) project that is big enough to require me to actually learn what version control is all about. Since what you download in is already literally all there is to it, I figured it would be good practice to put it on GitHub. I've encouraged people to modify it already in the readme, and now with the code on the ol' hub, that should make it easier for some people who know what they doing. And I've benefitted so much from open source as a user, I might as well experience the other side. I quietly put the imposter syndrome in a box.

Along comes Sean S. LeBlanc with some immediate improvements. Gone are a three.js and GSAP. It's all CSS3 now! What this means for you is:

  • Things should be a little snappier and consistent.
  • Your zine will now scale responsively both horizontally and vertically. You no longer need to manually put a resolution in your project settings, although you still can if you want.
  • Your zine will now be readable in both orientations on mobile devices, although landscape is still preferable on smaller screens.
  • The background color value is now a string. Remember to keep the quotes!

Other than that, the experience should be pretty much the same. Things are just more flexible now.

Will there be further improvements? Who knows! Am I happy with my first dip into the open source world? Absolutely.

If you have any further ideas to expand the Reader or want to contribute to the code yourself, you can find me on Twitter and the EZM Reader on GitHub.

Thanks again to Sean for the wonderful contribution, and of course to the Most Eminent Nathalie Lawhead for making Electric Zine Maker.

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Jan 11, 2021

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