Tiny update turned into something more

You know how it goes, you spot a few glyphs that could use some tweaks and two days later you've doubled what came in the original package. This is how these things go.

So what got added?

  • Yes, some previous glyphs got tweaked to fit better in the overall package.
  • Added punctuation and common symbols. Basically everything that's on your keyboard now fits with the alphanumerics.
  • Added combinatory variants with the default GB Studio font so you can kind of do bold or italics and such. Example:

There are variants for each of the new fonts in caps and in lower case.

  • Added a port of one of my fonts from my Triad of Fonts package. I wouldn't recommend it for text heavy games, but it's mighty fun if you want to make deciphering text a bit more of a challenge.
  • Every new file also has a dark background version.
  • To make using the dark versions either, I added a dark version of the default GB Studio frame.png.

The size of the .zip went from 15.7 KB to 51 KB. How's that for some minor tweaks?


Fonts for GB Studio.zip 51 kB
Jan 14, 2020

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