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I was about to download this and then I read the text in the boxes. So please check my page because I actually did a Game Boy game about Have a Cigar...


Thank you! Saved me a lot of work.


thx cool guy


Thank you Jeremy for your effort! 

I´ve been using your fonts for a game of mine - I might have changed the design of a couple of letters, tho :)

Anyway, I have credited you at the end of the game and on my page, I hope it´s fine!

A DREAM I HAD by jqrsound (

Incredible work. I was enraptured by every second of it


Thank you :)


THanks, mate




This is great, thank you!


Thank you!


thank you


The Pink Floyd references improve this even more


Thanks so much for sharing these! I am working on a visual novel for the Game Boy, and I would love to be able to add italics and bold text.

I wonder if it would be possible to have both the default uppercase and lowercase fonts, plus italics/bold by replacing the special characters?

It might very well be possible if there are enough characters to replace. Problem is that you couldn't just type out your text.